fibtip MK8
fibtip MK8
fibtip MK8
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fibtip MK8

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One nozzle for every print..

The original fibtip nozzle - designed for an everlasting, high performance printing experience.

This model corresponds to the standard MK8 nozzles. The nozzle features:

  • Extremely durable Ceramic Diffusion Coating lasting longer than your printer
  • Non-stick properties reducing clogging and cleaning efforts.
  • 3x in hardness compared to hardened tool steel and 2x compared to typical FDM nozzle coatings (Electroless Nickel)
  • Exceptional resistance against abrasive materials such as carbon- and glass fibre reinforced filaments
  • Coating hardness: 2000 HV (vickers hardness)
  • Excellent thermal conductivity ensuring fantastic heat transfer between nozzle and filament
  • Tool steel as base material for great hardness and toughness
  • Polished, flow-optimised inner passage with no ceramic/gem-stone inserts
  • Withstanding temperatures up to 600°C with ease

The nozzles have proven their excellent performance in industrial setups and they are now available for all consumers.

If you wish to buy large quantities, please give us a heads-up at, and we'll provide you with a reasonable offer.  


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Werner Albaum
Avery good idea to work with this nozzle on my Snapmaker J1

On my new Snapmaker J1, I changed first the nozzle.
After that calibrating and print some examples, in the moment only with PLA.
That works fine with the normal temperature for all profiles.

Hassan Bankey
Nozzle MK8

Thank you for your attention, the order arrived on time and I am very grateful for the great performance of your product and I give five stars

Surprising !!

I have been using Ruby nozzles for 2 years and thungsten carbide from a Swedish brand for 1 year. It is expensive but it is worth it (although the thungsten nozzle with its construction is quite fragile) And then I I read an article about this new nozzle, and out of curiosity I ordered a MK8 0.4mm.
Well congratulations fibtip, you have undoubtedly made an exceptional nozzle, it can really be used with ALL filaments including abrasive filaments which contain GF/CF and Kevlar.
After a few weeks of use, the tip of the nozzle shows no wear!
I just allow myself a remark: the distribution is too 'confidential', I miss the 0.8 and 1mm diameters, and it should be possible to offer a box with 3 or 4 diameters.
In conclusion, it is a purchase for a reasonable price, a REAL indestructible nozzle, and an exceptional European product.

Bernhard Franco
Really good Nozzle - Excellent Support!

I purchased this a few days ago to test it with colorfabb ht-black and was amazed! I didn't do much setting adjustments, and was able to print a perfect benchy! It's a little pricey, but the product is extremely forgiving, and produces very good quality! Would recommend this to newbies too, as it is not so hard to handle as the standard Nozzle coming with the printer.

Rune Gøgsig
Klart forbedring af printkvalitet

Helt ny i 3D print verden. Jeg har under en måneds erfaring med 3d print og alligevel kan jeg se en klart forbedring af print kvaliteten ved skifte til fibtip nozzel.
Havde problemer med at den gamle nozzel stoppe til og lag ikke blev printet. Dette har jeg slet ikke oplevet efter skiftet til Fibtip. Printer på en Ender 3 s1 Pro.

Thank you so much for your review Rune! We are glad that you can feel the improvements from fibtip firsthand :-)