Frequently Asked Questions

fibtip MK8 nozzles

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Do I need to change my temperature settings as I normally use a brass nozzle?

No, there is no need to change temperature setting when switching from a brass nozzle to steel. In a few cases, it may be beneficial to increase nozzle tempereature 10ºC - 15ºC when operating at higher temperatures ( > 300ºC).

Are you expanding your product portfolio?

Yes, we are continously expanding our product portfolio. If you have any special wishes, please let us know.

Where does the surface technology originally come from?

The ceramic diffusion coating is a patented technology from TRD Surfaces ApS in Denmark, which owns and runs the fibtip brand.

Will my ceramic surface crack?

No. As the ceramic coating is diffused into the surface, there is no risk of cracking or spallation. The coating is extremely durable and can withstand wear and thermal shocks easily.

Can I overtighten fibtip?

No. As the base material is made of tough tool steel and the ceramic coating is integrated into the surface, there is no risk of cracking the nozzle when tightening. The fibtip nozzle is much tougher than gemstone-inserted nozzles.

Can I clean the nozzle with steel wool and/or wire brushes?


How did you discover the benefits of ceramic diffusion coatings for 3D printing?

The company behind fibtip is an industrial service provider of tailormade coatings for various industry segments such as valves, clutches, nozzles and machine components. We discovered the unique benefits by numerous requests from the 3D printing industry to provide a better solution than there is on the market today.

Can I perform a cold pull on fibtip in order to un-clog the nozzle?

Yes, there is absolutely no risk of damaging the ceramic coating if you need to perform a cold pull to unclog the nozzle.

Is fibtip conductive, so that I can use automatic bed levelling?

Yes, fibtip is fully electrical conductive, and in that sense it should be considered as a 'standard steel nozzle'.

 What is the temperature limit of fibtip?

The fibtip coating has been used all the way up to 650ºC, so strictly speaking, there is no limit for FDM uses.