Indestructable, non-stick technology

Your benefits

Indestructible surface

Our extremely hard surface technology is the perfect shield against any abrasive elements during FDM 3D printing.

Easy cleaning and anti-clogging

Our smooth ceramic surface both inside and outside the nozzle gives non-stick properties and does not wear down over time.

Extreme thermal conductivity

Our unique surface coating has twice the thermal conductivity of brass and can withstand temperatures up to 600ºC.

Developed at the Technical University of Denmark

After our production line changed to fibtip nozzles, we have experienced much less clogging and the nozzles haven't worn out.

Industrial 3D printing shop

We use carbon fibre reinforced filaments for our high-strength prototypes, but we had to replace nozzles all too often. With a fibtip nozzle, no replacement is even needed!

Rapid prototyper

fibtip MK8

Suitable for common printers by Ultimaker and Creality. See our compatibility list for more info.


fibtip V6

Suitable for common printers by Prusa and all E3D hot-ends. See our compatibility list for more info.


nozzle Lifetime guarantee